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This website is for gay men seeking sexual encounters with other consenting adults. No membership is necessary. This site is free, there are no upgrades, no donations, no BS, and there is limited advertising. It's all about men looking for cocks to suck and men looking to pick up or dump a load.

This website is part of the "Open Zipper Society". That is, dumping your load or finding a stiff cock to fuck you silly is more important than finding a trophy trick. We don't believe anyone is or should be "versatile". Either suck cock or feed your sperm to anyone that will take it.

This isn't a website for romance, friends, cock suckers, etc. etc. etc. Don't waste everyone's time here. We are here to fuck and get fucked - now!

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Intended for Adult Gay Males ONLY

This website is intended, for adult gay men advertising for sexual encounters. The photos you may see on this website belong to the person placing the ad and therefore there is a possiblity you may view graphic photos depicting sexual activity. If you are not an adult male with an interest in meeting other men, this website is not inteded for you and we strongly reccommend that you do not enter this website.

Prohibited Items

In compliance with various laws, codes, and statutes, ButtFuckerDB does not allow the following items to be listed:

1. Ads involving minors. This includes any ad depicting or describing persons under the age of 18 or APPEARING under the age of 18.
2. Items depicting or describing bestiality. This includes any item depicting or describing sex with animals.
3. "Scat" items. Scat items are those items that depict or describe human feces.
4. Raffles. This includes any item where an advertiser is selling "chances to win", "tickets", etc.
5. Sexual acts or favors for sale. Ads for sexual acts or favors or ads that imply sexual acts or favors for sale.
6. Rape items. This includes any item that describes or depicts acts of rape whether real or simulated.
7. Items that violate federal statutes:

Federal statutes include but are not limited to:
United States Code Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 110
United States Code Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 110, Section 2256
United States Code Title 18, Part1, Chapter 71

If an advertiser lists these items, the items will be removed.